Spark Security Browser

Spark Security Browser

The comprehensive web browsing security solution.


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ADDED:App Store: abundant APPs, follow one's inclinations to customize your browser functionality


Intercepts  420,000,000+  viruses every month

Intercepts  30,000,000+  malicious attacks every month

Protects users from  700,000+  malicious URLs every month

Ultra Fast Browsing

Until you've tried Spark Security Browser, you've never experienced true speed. We've fully optimized start speed, loading from external links, opening new tabs and more.

Powerful Online Security

Enjoy a new, safer Internet experience with zero ads, zero malware and zero viruses. Best of all, our security features are all directly built-in to the browser, so you never have to worry about changing your settings or downloading add-ons.

AD block

intercept ads anytime and anywhere to the pure Internet environment

Convenient Videos and Music

Spark Security Browser includes a built-in video/audio downloader and Bittorrent client to enhance and improve your browsing.

Reliable account protection

Store your account data and protect it with a high-strength encryption algorithm

Reliable Shopping Protection

You can be assured of security when shopping online. We will give you reliable shopping protection like you've never seen before.

Download safety

detect the safety of download files, no longer subject to virus attacks

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